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Data = GOLD

What do you think of when someone talks about data? Your 4G plan? The Matrix? Or do you mentally check out of that geek-talk?

Data isn’t always some boring alien language. In fact it is the most direct way to win at your job, and that's about as clear and un-boring as it gets!

There’s a lot of back-and-forth on whether “Data is Gold”. I mean, data isn’t shiny, and it will never become a symbol of love and lifetime commitment even if you could put it on a finger. (Got an argument for that? PLEASE send me your thoughts; I’d sincerely love to unpack that).

I loved this statement over at IT Chronicles (hey, we all have our niche right?):

Like gold, data isn’t valuable in its raw state. To obtain value from gold, it first needs to be processed – fashioned into jewelry or minted into coins. Similarly, data is essentially valueless when collected in isolation. And so, like gold, it needs to be processed – in this case manipulated and analyzed – to extract business value. IT Chronicles

Companies engage entire teams to process data into gold. When you don’t have that team, you don’t have the cost, but you know the real cost is future business. It becomes a downward spiral: no money – no data research team – no leads – no clients – no money – and so on.

Feeling the pressure? Think about this:

  1. You don’t need an in-house Matrix-like data team. You just need a source that provides the timely, relevant information that you can implement directly into your business development plan.

  2. You don’t need to take on days of China-Israel business research per week all by yourself. You need a no-fuss system to implement into your business development strategy.

When it comes to your China-Israel business development strategy, you know that data research is essential because OH-EM-GEE how quickly things change around here.

On re-launch day (Wednesday July 3rd), we will have TWO newsletters to support your China-Israel business:

  1. Monthly: The BFD (Big Freakin’ Deal - politely stated)

  2. Weekly (with membership): Each week’s headlines + summaries

Membership, you say? Yes! The membership will score you:

  1. Business leads: Weekly China-Israel updates with each week’s headlines

  2. Data goldmines: Access to 2+ years of headlines (searchable)

  3. Insider insights: Discounts on special reports and in-depth interviews with top China-Israel players from both the public and private sectors

More on memberships here.

Sign up for our free newsletter to receive the monthly BFD or hit the membership link above to reserve your spot to secure a Founding Membership on June 24th.

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