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Featured Innovator: Gauzy


Featured Innovator :: Gauzy

Gauzy’s technology lets you decide how you want a glass panel to function. Working at a window seat at a cafe but don’t want people outside looking over your shoulder? No problem - just make the glass opaque. Too much effort to actually open the fridge to see what’s inside? No problem - just make the door transparent.

Gauzy has created a liquid crystal “smart” glass that not only allows windows to look like walls, but also turns parked cars into billboards. Gauzy’s technology can turn car windows opaque then project an image creating a sort of ephemeral screen. Pair that with other existing technology and suddenly you have location-based advertising on parked cars. This is a technological leap forward from ads on the side of a bus.

The company reportedly has raised at least $15 million from investors including Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund, Olive Tree Capital and Waarde Capital. It also reportedly sells its products in dozens of markets including Singapore, Australia, Canada, Europe and the US, having placed products within hotels, hospitals, residential home developers, home appliance companies, and the automotive industry. The company has stated that competition is sparse with perhaps “four or five companies worldwide” operating in the same sphere.

What about Gauzy in China? From available information at the time of research the company does not have offices in China but has exhibited at China Glass 2017 trade show. Gauzy states on their website they have a Chinese partner, “Hongsen Chuangxin”, which appears to be a distributor based in Beijing.

Gauzy’s future looks bright and we’ll be keeping an eye on the company in our InfoBase Deals Watchlist and Opportunities.

Summary sourced from: No Camels, Times of Israel, Gauzy, Glass Online


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