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Featured Investor: Guangzhou Sino-Israel Biotech Investment Fund (GIBF)

Featured Investor :: Guangzhou Sino-Israel Biotech Investment Fund (GIBF)

Established in March 2016, GIBF focuses on life sciences and is managed by Israeli-owned Guangzhou Elim Biotech Industry Venture Capital Management Company, with offices in Guangzhou and Tel Aviv. GIBF is reportedly the first foreign-controlled, government-sponsored fund. The purpose of GIBF is twofold: 1) to commercialize and industrialize Israel biotech locally in Guangzhou, and 2) build up a competitive and comprehensive life science industry in Guangzhou.

GIBF’s investment model is one of partnership. The fund forms Guangzhou based joint ventures with Israeli companies; the Israeli partner grants the JV with exclusive intellectual property rights in Greater China and takes management responsibility. GIBF finances the JV’s activity for further technological development in Guangzhou, regulatory compliance, market entry, business development, and manufacturing.

GIBF is backed by:

  1. Guangzhou Industrial Investment Fund (Government fund with over RMB 170B under management)

  2. Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Company (China’s largest pharma company)

  3. Guangzhou International Bio-Island (Biotech R&D industrial zone, supported by the Guangzhou government)

  4. Guanhao Biotech (Listed company providing R&D, production, sales, and business services)

  5. Guangzhou Hengyun Enterprises (Listed energy company)

Looking to the future, GBIF is looking for investment in new projects with Israeli companies. It has established a new $100 million fund, mainly for investment in existing projects. GBIF is also looking for partners with various expertise, such as:

  1. Medical companies, including R&D

  2. Production manufacturing

  3. Sales channels

  4. Hospital services

  5. Consultancies

  6. Governmental organizations

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