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Featured Investor: VMS Investment Group

Featured Investor :: VMS Investment Group

VMS Investment Group was established in 2006 by Viola Mak to manage her family's assets. Today the group is a multi-strategy investment firm with businesses covering proprietary investments, asset-management, securities-brokerage and corporate finance advisory. Reportedly, the group’s two largest holdings are Chinese herbal-products company Bawang and investment group Hengten Networks.

Other reported investments:

  1. June 2017 - Gamida Cell (Biotech, Israel) participated in a $40 million Series F

  2. April 2017 - Souche (P2P e-commerce, China) participated in a $180 million Series D

  3. August 2016 - NextVR (Virtual Reality, US) participated in a $80 million Series B

  4. July 2016 - Post-Quantum (Cyber Security, UK) – led a $10.3 million Series A

Gamida Cell is VMS's first reported investment in an Israeli company. In a Globes report, VMS Head of Healthcare Andrew Ng stated, "We are pleased to join this distinguished group of investors and support this promising company. As a Hong Kong-based investment group with a strong healthcare presence and network in Asia, we are committed to supporting Gamida Cell with its Asia development and ultimately enabling more patients with high-risk blood cancers to benefit from this life-saving technology."

VMS has a sizable team and is growing. We'll be keeping an eye out should VMS turn its attention once again to the Start-up Nation.

Summary of information sourced from: Globes, Forbes, Crunchbase, and general media sources.


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