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Innovator: Lishtot

Featured Investor :: Lishtot

Lishtot combines data analysis and lab testing in the form of hand-held tools to detect contaminants in drinking water. The company was among CNBC's 20 hottest startups in 2015 for its inexpensive, reusable green light/red light device that tells you in seconds if water is pure or contaminated.

Lishtot uses technology based on a newly discovered phenomenon associated with electric fields and water to develop products that rapidly test drinking water for numerous types of contaminants.

The Lishtot TestDrop is a handheld keychain device that detects contaminants such as E. coli, lead, arsenic, mercury, copper, chlorine, and protein at EPA and WHO standards. The two-second test displays either a blue or a red light to indicate the absence or presence of contaminants. The TestDrop connects via Bluetooth to the Lishtot mobile app, where users can track their test history; view more data on their water, including the likelihood of contamination; and distinguish between bottled water, tap water, and natural water from rivers and streams.

The company was established in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Netanel Raisch, CEO, and Dr. Alan Bauer, Chief Scientist. It has multiple patents and has received grants, awards, and global recognition for its technology.

Lishtot has reportedly raised a total of $500,000 in grants. Its target markets are China, India and the USA.


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