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Investor: GEOC

Featured Investor :: GEOC (Go Capital & EOC)

GEOC is a China-Israel fund established in 2013 that invests in Israeli high-tech companies in the areas of life sciences, digital/3D printing, cyber security, AR/VR, and IoT with a standard investment amount of $3m-$10m.

The fund's ultimate ownership includes former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and seasoned investor Dr. Hanjiang (Perry) Xu, via EOC Sino-Israel International Ltd and Go Capital Ltd (道富资本有限公司) respectively.

The fund says it recognizes the growing potential in China-Israel relations in both the political and economic arenas, with complementary objectives and growing business opportunities.

GEOC aims to be an innovation platform and growth engine for integration of Israeli technology and the Chinese market within the manufacturing industry. GEOC cooperates with potential strategic partners on behalf of its portfolio companies and co-invests with other VC funds.

GEOC has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tel Aviv and is also known by its full name, GEOC Hengtong Investment Limited Partnership.

There are 10 reported investments by GEOC in Israeli companies. This year counts two additions: Highcon and Sight Diagnostics (SightDx).


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