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Featured Innovator :: MercuRemoval

MercuRemoval Ltd. was founded in 2015 within Hutchison Kinrot, a leading environmental technology seed investor, owned by Hutchison Water of CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.

MercuRemoval develops gas treatment solutions for the removal of mercury from gas streams. The solution is based on technology that is patented in the US, various EU countries and China and is backed by worldwide experts in applied chemistry.

MercuRemoval's technology removes all mercury forms, without waste. The company has developed breakthrough technology in the field of mercury removal from exhaust gases applied in an innovative chemical-engineering process. The technology has significant advantages over other solutions, regarding efficiency, costs and environmental friendliness.

Technically speaking, the technology is an absorption process based on a unique absorbent liquid implemented in a widely used pollution control engineering device, known as a wet scrubber. Flue gas stream enters the scrubber in which a complex of ionic liquid and oxidizing agent is circulated. The mercury is oxidized and forms a stable complex in the liquid. The liquid is then regenerated through a simple process in which the metallic mercury swiftly precipitates from the solution and can be quantitatively separated and collected, while the absorbent liquid is regenerated and reused in the process. The system removes all mercury forms, including elemental mercury.

The system, which can be custom-made and installed as a retrofit, is a scalable solution and therefore applicable to a variety of industries, plants and processes emitting mercury.

MercuRemoval has recently received additional funding from Israel's Innovation Authority under the Incubators Program.

The company was recently selected among thousands of companies worldwide to participate in GES 2016 - an annual entrepreneurship conference held in Silicon Valley and sponsored by President Obama. MercuRemoval is actively assimilating the technology in overseas markets.


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