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Newsletter – 2018-10-31

31 October 2018 🎃

Hi everyone,

As we all know, the big news this week was Wang Qishan's visit to Israel and everything surrounding that. Some articles called it a whirlwind trip, but I'm going to go ahead and label that an understatement. SO MUCH happened in those few days. Hands a-shakin', pens a signin', not to mention some of the most inspiring speeches on innovation that Israel has ever seen. Most of you were there. I loved seeing the photos and videos on LinkedIn and WeChat! Thanks for sharing. Here is all the news you could possibly want on Wang's visit in English and Chinese.

Here in Chengdu we said goodbye to the first Consul General of the Consulate of Israel in Chengdu, Amir Lati (aka 蓝天, aka "老蓝" or "Old Blue"). There was a really nice article about his time here and how respected he was (and still is!) in the southwest region and beyond. Thanks Amir! It's not goodbye; it's see you later!

In the news this week: Brightfood, via Tnuva, may realize their China dreams after all; Chinese companies in Israel take a stand; a lower than expected Nasdaq IPO; Israeli R&D showcased in HK; a $15m growth round; and more.

Enjoy the newsletter, and as always give me a shout with thoughts and questions, or just to say hello.

- Laura


China-Israel Business News Digest

Headlines here; go ahead to the website for summaries and original articles.

  1. "Xin and Creative R&D Room" was unveiled at the Sino Inno Lab in HK.

  2. Israel publishes tender for world's biggest desalination plant.

  3. Gamida Cell Downprices Shares to Raise $50 Million Nasdaq IPO.

  4. China set to approve Israeli dairy imports.

  5. Chinese mega cos set up representative body in Israel.

  6. Israel, China sign agricultural agreement.

  7. Eyesight Raises $15M in Growth Funding.

Access all summaries and original articles on the website.


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