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September 9-10 | Expo Tel Aviv


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Be Seen, Be Heard.

Pitch your company to top Chinese investors FOR FREE at SITI's InnoWeek. 

Some of the hungriest Chinese investors are coming to Tel Aviv September 9-10 with an appetite to connect with top innovation.

Not your typical event

 This isn't your typical China-Israel matchmaking event.


Usually at these things Israeli companies set up booths, then hope and pray that the right Chinese partner or investor will approach them.


And, if they pay even more, they can attend B2B meetings with Chinese companies.


Not this time, folks. 

out-of-box thinking

At InnoWeek, it is the Chinese companies who will be manning booths, and anyone can walk up to them and pitch their business.


If the Chinese company is intrigued they will invite you to a sit-down within their booth and have a B2B right then and there.

Plus, PRESENTS. Israeli companies get gifts just for being there, and whoever has the highest number of B2B meetings gets accommodation and local transport for InnoWeek Shanghai in December.


September 9th

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September 10th

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Request your FREE InnoWeek tickets
(limited availability)
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Thanks! We'll email your ticket within 24 hours.

Who's going to be there?

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