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China-Israel (Shantou) Sci-tech Innovation Cooperation Zone

Featured Tech Zone :: China-Israel (Shantou) Sci-tech Innovation Cooperation Zone (中以(汕头)科技创新合作区)

The city of Shantou in Guangdong Province is getting a boost with plans set to build the China-Israel (Shantou) Sci-tech Innovation Cooperation Zone (“China-Israel Innovation Zone”) within the Shantou Hi-tech Zone. In February this year Shantou High-tech Zone was upgraded to a state-level high-tech industrial development zone. The area’s high-tech zones are one of three strategic platforms for Shantou’s development.

The China-Israel Innovation Zone is in essence set upon the foundations of Shantou University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The overall goal is to develop Shantou into a “Southern Silicon Valley” in China, enhancing science and technology innovation, nurturing innovative industrial systems, building public platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship, and introducing industries such as general aviation, life sciences and water treatment.

Arguably, the China-Israel Innovation Zone started in 2013 when authorities from the Shantou government, Shantou University and the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) signed a framework agreement to build a new technology institute in Shantou. As part of the agreement, the Li Ka-shing Foundation gave $130 million to the venture to set up the Guangdong Technion Institute of Technology. The plan at the time was that Guangdong Technion would join Shantou University to conduct life sciences research and by 2020 it would offer courses in other engineering-related fields, from mechanical to aerospace engineering. Also in the plans was “the establishment of an innovation center, connecting industries in Guangdong with Israel's technological creativity, [to] bring Israeli technology into China and promote joint research and innovation.”

Indeed, Guangdong Technion would be set as the foundation for attracting more Israeli high-tech enterprises to Shantou to drive technology development. This Fall, Guangdong Technion opened its doors to its first class of 222 students, and construction of the China-Israel Innovation Zone was commissioned earlier this year. As the China-Israel Innovation Zone becomes reality, current planned projects include the production of AMS hyperfiltration membranes and filter membranes, recovery processing and re-production of Ecotech as well as Parazero unmanned aerial vehicle parachute technology.

One familiar name is already there: Infinity Group. President and Founder Amir Gal Or said that Infinity is optimistic about Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and confident in Shantou's development.

Summary based on information sourced from: MofCOM, 微文库, Shantou Govt, 資訊定製, Guangdong Technion


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