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Featured Innovator: Eloxx

Featured Innovator :: Eloxx

Eloxx Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage company developing therapeutics for the treatment of genetic disease caused by non-sense mutations. To summarize the science, where there is genetic disease or birth defects, there are shorter-than-normal proteins in the affected gene. Eloxx’s science enables the creation of full-length proteins.

Eloxx’s lead compound, ELX-02 has potential to be the first disease-modifying therapy for treatment of these devastating diseases, for which there are no effective treatments. ELX-02 is currently in Phase I and Phase II testing for five genetic diseases, and has other preclinical tests in the pipeline.

Eloxx raised $24 million in a Series C financing in June 2017 which will be used to initiate more clinical studies. Chinese investors included GF Securities and the Catalyst CEL Fund. The company merged with Sevion Therapeutics Inc. a week before the financing and plans to apply to list on Nasdaq.

Sources: Globes, Eloxx and Catalyst


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