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Featured Innovator :: OlfaGuard


Featured Innovator :: OlfaGuard

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Park held their “EPiC” elevator pitch competition last week (in an actual elevator), selecting 100 eligible startups from around the globe. Two of Israel’s finest were there to represent the Startup Nation, and one made it to the top 10: OlfaGuard. Who is OlfaGuard? What made them stand out?

In typical Startup Nation style, OlfaGuard brings disruptive solutions to the table - or more literally, it disrupts safety testing of the food that you will bring to said table. Succinctly put, OlfaGuard is a bio-nanotech startup in food safety developing an E-nose capable of smelling pathogens on food. It helps prevent food poisoning. The company says that current solutions are time consuming and need professional analysis and complicated lab procedures. Guess what - OlfaGuard’s solution is quick, simple to use, and affordable.

OlfaGuard targets four segments of the food supply chain: slaughterhouses/factories, food transport, and retailers such as stores and restaurants.

The company is in the R&D phase of building specific target sensors based on licensed technology of four patents from the Technion and Professor Hossam Haick. OlfaGuard states they have been able to identify compounds of Salmonella and E.coli with their sensors in the lab and have identified pathogens on food samples.

Summary of information sourced from: Israel Consulate in HK, HKSTP, OlfaGuard


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