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Innovator: ParaSonic

Featured Innovator :: ParaSonic

As a new school year begins, so do the usual concerns around homework, teachers, and of course, head lice. Why is lice one of the usual concerns? Because they don’t go away. They come back. They adapt. They prevail! They become Super Lice!

One Israeli startup, called ParaSonic, just might have the solution to lift this particular school-year concern. It seems to tick all the boxes: chemical-free, quick, and truly effective by getting to the root of the problem. As CEO David Tavor stated, while the technology itself is not new, the innovation is in the way the technology is used.

Existing lice treatments are painful and/or expensive (not to mention stressful for those with long hair facing a brand new pixie cut), and they fail to reach the root of the problem – the eggs. ParaSonic proposes an inexpensive, hand-held device that uses ultrasonic waves to kill both lice and their eggs. The process is painless and takes about 3 minutes according to the company. They say it is a natural, effective, safe, and convenient solution that would eradicate a lice infestation in a single treatment.

ParaSonic has reportedly raised $1.6 million from a private US investor, after having raised NIS 3 million (some $836,000) from the NGT3 incubator and Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry’s Chief Scientist. The company is looking to raise an additional $2 million as it goes to market.

ParaSonic says it is still developing the final design of its US FDA approved device, aiming for a 2Q18 launch in Israel and the US.

Here at the InfoBase we’ll be watching for when ParaSonic begins looking to China, ideally before the next school year begins.


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