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Innovator: Tiidan

Featured Innovator :: Tiidan

Using AI technologies, Tiidan verifies Chinese supplier risk and credit levels within minutes for import/export transactions, essentially removing risk from trading. Importers typically have little more than hopeful trust that suppliers will deliver products at the expected quality, and on time.

Tiidan uses machine learning technology to identify indications of insolvency and abnormal operations within Chinese suppliers. With the technology, Tiidan verifies financial strength of a supplier with the latest data. The company ensures that a supplier has the ability to complete a trade by delivering the agreed goods. They even guarantee it.

Tiidan was founded in February 2017 by Zohar Bar Chen and Yaron Shapira who bring together extensive careers and expertise in international finance and technology. Their solution verifies the risk level of suppliers within minutes so importers of any size can keep down payments and broader transactions secure.

Lowering business risk between partners, Tiidan users can trade with confidence. Notably, It enables SMEs to participate in international trade, minimizing the risk exposure through other methods like advanced payment or open account payment. All services are online, immediate, and automatic.

Summary of information sourced from: TiidanTiidan verification app and interviews with founders Zohar Bar Chen and Yaron Shapira


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