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Investor: Lucion Venture Capital

Featured Investor :: Lucion Venture Capital (鲁信创业投资集团股份有限公司)

Lucion Venture Capital approved an agreement last week for investment in StoreDot, contributing $5 million within a $62 million Series C. This is Lucion’s first investment in Israel. The investment will be made through special purpose vehicle Ready Solutions Ltd, which is at the end of a multi-layered investment structure. The round is not yet closed but Ready Solutions (and thus Lucion) will hold 1.27% in StoreDot if it closes at $62m. The round is currently reported at $60 million.

Lucion Venture Capital is a parent fund and M&A platform controlled by state-owned Shandong Lucion Investment Holdings Group. It is the only publicly traded VC/PE company in China and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (ticker 600783).

Existing among a large corporate family within Shandong Lucion Investment Holdings Group, Lucion Venture Capital manages 33 funds, including 2 government funds and 31 market funds (around RMB 12 billion/$1.8B) in China and abroad. The company is currently looking for investment opportunities in countries such as Germany and Israel, expanding it’s “going out” strategy. Lucion plans to reach a 5-3-2 configuration ratio in 2017, that is, 50% provincial, 30% national, and 20% overseas.

The company says it invests in advanced manufacturing, modern agriculture, marine services, information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries.

SourcesSohu, 金融界, Lucion


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