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Octopus and Singulariteam

Featured Innovator :: Octopus

Octopus has developed the security industry's only cloud-based security management system and mobile application that makes it possible to detect, prevent, and neutralize physical and cyber attacks against enterprises. The Octopus system integrates technology, procedures, and personnel into one command and control center, streamlining all security operations onto one screen.

Octopus founding partners are Tal Bar Or (CEO) and Baruch Tagori (CTO). Both have extensive experience in the security field in both the private and public sectors.

The company has raised a total of $7.75 million in two rounds since 2013.

Round 1: Amount - $2.5m Investor - Singulariteam (Israel; backed by Chinese companies Renren and Tencent)

Round 2: Amount: $5.25m Investor: AWZ Homeland Security (Canada)

Sources: Octupus, Globes


Featured Investor :: Singulariteam

Formerly known as Genesis Angels, Singulariteam is an angel investor providing capital and support to its portfolio companies and is managed by entrepreneurs and investors Moshe Hogeg and Kenges Rakishev.

Singulariteam has invested in 37 companies (listed below) via two funds:

Singulariteam I Amount: $100m Backers: Managing Partner Kenges Rakishev and another unnamed investor

Singulariteam II Amount: $102m Backers: Chinese companies Renren and Tencent

Singulariteam's investments are making returns. For example, within one month in 2017:

  1. GeneSort was acquired by AID Partners (Hong Kong) for $23m

  2. Juno was acquired by Gett for $200m

  3. Mobli sold a patent to Snapchat for $7.7m

Singulariteam's portfolio includes:


  2. Storedot

  3. Sirin Labs

  4. GetStocks

  5. Infinity Augmented Reality

  6. Mobli

  7. Yo

  8. Webydo

  9. GeneSort

  10. MoonActive

  11. Effective Space

  12. Beyond Verbal

  13. Octopus

  14. Hop

  15. IntelAgent

  16. General Robotics

  17. Brisk

  18. Topical


  20. Meucci

  21. Xros

  22. Kukupal

  23. Geektime

  24. Bidflyer

  25. Meta

  26. Menu is Us

  27. Articoolo

  28. Talent Tribe

  29. Oliver

  30. Zula

  31. Heal

  32. Callosum

  33. Atomation

  34. Juno

  35. DragonEra

  36. CheckOut

  37. Zirra


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